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About Electrode Prepaid

Electrode Prepaid is not focused in solely selling meters but in providing flexible tailor made solutions to landlords, body corporates, managing agents and municipalities administered by a stable vending platform. Technology is integrated to offer our clients a superior customer experience including a fully operational and professional customer service team and a support team.

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Meter Management

Electrode Prepaid has a full meter management system to ensure that meters are not tampered with, along with a full auditing process.

Meter Reading

Electrode Prepaid uses state of the art software and technology to read all water, gas and electricity meters.

Revenue Management

Electrode Prepaid offers Revenue Management Services which specifcally focus on data integrity.We analyse municipalities’ revenue base and identify revenue enhancement opportunities.

Debtor Management

Our debt management processes include data cleansing, indigent verification, credit control processes and identification of redundant debtors.

Customer Support

We offer our clients ongoing support through a service desk facility which is available on a daily basis for 24hours.

Electrical Services

We provide bespoke electrical services mainly entailing wiring, maintenance, repairs and issuance of COCs.Our electricians are available 24/7.

Prepaid Meters Installation.

Our prepaid meters for water and electricity are installed as sub meters. This means that the supply from Eskom/Municipality meters remains in the property.

How it Works

Our prepaid meters for water and electricity are installed as sub meters. This means that the supply from Eskom/Municipality meters remain in the property. Our prepaid sub meters are merely a means for a property owner or body corporate to collect money from their tenants before they consume any water or electricity. Our prepaid meters are installed in the rental unit adjacent to the main distribution board and are suitable for entire block of flats, complexes, back rooms, cottages and granny flats even rented main houses. We can install more than one sub meter per property. For more information on how to get a Meter installed at your property.

Prepaid Sub Metering has been recognized worldwide to reduce the risk of non-payment and electricity theft to ensure the landlords/property agents/body corporates maintain a strong financial position. Electrode Prepaid Sub Metering Management Solution Most city councils we have dealt with do not take physical meter readings for each and every meter each month. They simply take a reading every few months and project an average usage for the next couple of months. In theory this should work fine but the reality is that incorrect meter readings can be taken due to human error or usage differs from month to month. If you had a high usage, that high average will now be applied for the next couple of months. The biggest problem with this system is that the occupant only wants to pay his portion of the electricity per month. If the occupant receives a large usage bill he is naturally a very unhappy and normally refuses to pay. An even bigger problem is that it is very difficult to dispute inaccurate readings. If an incorrect reading was registered, it is simply stated that you should pay the bill and then they will look at rectifying the account. From an occupants’ perspective, most certainly the biggest advantage of working with Electrode Prepaid management solution is to know that the occupant is not being overcharged for the usage of Electricity due to incorrect readings. What he pays for is what he gets; it is as simple as that. Furthermore, occupants also then get to see the actual cost of electricity and they use it more sparingly.

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