what we do

meter management

Using our Prepaid Vend platform, we offer an end-to-end solution for prepaid metering.

meter reading

Electrode Prepaid uses state of the art technology to read all water and electricity meters.

revenue enhancement

Electrode Prepaid offers Revenue Management Services which specically focus on data integrity.

smart metering

Our unique approach to smart metering ensures transparency and control are achieved.

pos solutions

We provide point of sale technology to retail chains and individual merchants.

debtor management

Our debt management processes include data cleansing and indigent verification.

sub metering

Our prepaid meters for water and electricity are installed as sub meters. This means that the supply from Eskom/Municipality meters remain in the property. Our prepaid sub meters are merely a means for a property owner or body corporate to collect money from their tenants before they consume any water or electricity. Our prepaid meters are suitable for entire block of flats, complexes, back rooms, cottages and granny flats even rented main houses.


We boast of a team of experts in electrical, prepaid metering, smart metering and payment solutions industries. Our team has vast experience in different fields spanning over a period of 20 years of immense contribution in their respective positions they have held thus far.For all consulting services in projects under metering, point of sale solutions and electrical construction, we are here to assist in delivering the projects in a speedily and professional manner.


As a technology company, Electrode Prepaid is not focused in solely selling meters but in providing exible tailor-made solutions to landlords, body corporates, managing agents and municipalities administered by a stable vending platform. Technology is integrated to offer our clients a superior customer experience including a fully operational and professional customer service team and an excellent, ever present technical support team.

let's work togethere

It might sound like a cliché but our success is achieved by teamwork. And while it’s easy to talk about internal teamwork, it’s the teamwork we enjoy with our clients that makes it all a great success. Part of that comes down to attitude but it’s our efficient processes that do the rest.